Wrapping Up Restoration Efforts at the Antioch Dunes

IMG_0173 (1)

For their last two field visits of the year, Antioch Earth Team headed out to the Antioch Dunes for a last push of restoration efforts before butterflies begin appearing in late August.  On one day, interns assisted Louis Terrazas in planting around 80 Antioch Dunes Evening Primroses in a site that had been cleared of invasive vegetation.

IMG_0284.JPGFor their next visit, the team worked on removing grasses and invasive vetch (Vicia villosa)  from around blooming primrose.  When the team first began visiting the Dunes in January, nothing was in bloom and the biggest Antioch Dunes Evening Primrose in sight was no more than 3 inches across.  However, on their final visit to the Dunes, the team was able to see all of the primroses in full bloom, some of them several feet across and covered in light pink petals.  What a rewarding end to a year of hard work!

Many thanks are owed to Louis Terrazas of the US Fish and Wildlife Service for leading  the interns through this project, and to Patagonia for funding this work. Until next year!

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