Antioch High Freshmen Join Earth Team for Restoration at the Antioch Dunes

IMG_2629Leaders from Antioch High School’s Earth Team had the opportunity to support a group of nearly 40 freshmen from Antioch High School during a field trip they took to the Antioch Dunes National Wildlife Refuge,

Several employees from the US Fish and Wildlife Service lead the field trip, organized by Antioch High Environmental Science Academy’s Rick Barton. Earth Team interns helped out by supporting with the various projects of the day since they are quickly becoming restoration experts at the Antioch Dunes.

The day’s activities included an introduction and overview of the Antioch Dunes and the National Wildlife Refuge System.  The group then broke into teams to take on invasive removal and native planting at three different spots at the Dunes. During planting time, students found a whole range of cool animals and bugs, including legless lizards that burrow into the sandy soil at the Dunes.


After their morning of hard work, the teams took time for lunch on the beach.  It just so happened that two other Fish and Wildlife employees were out by the river catching and measuring fish as well as taking water quality metrics right where we were eating lunch.

Finally, the teams returned to their sites to water their new plants, and ended the day by relaxing on the beach. On their way home from the field trip, Antioch Earth Team reflected on their favorite parts of the day.

“My favorite part was watching the guys catch fish , taking water test measurements, and listening to the guy talk about his job” – Natalyia

“My favorite part of today was when we were planting the plants, it was a good bonding past time with my peers” – Marco

“My favorite part of today was planting the trees with my friends” – Courtney

“My favorite part of the day was conversing with the Fish and Wildlife workers that came out to test the San Joaquin River. It was really cool seeing how they measured dissolved oxygen, pH, etc.” – Tanya


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