Revisiting the Antioch Dunes

IMG_2570Continuing their work at the Antioch Dunes, local Earth Team interns returned to the National Wildlife Refuge to continue restoring habitat.

On this particular afternoon, the interns split into three groups to accomplish three different restoration objectives. One team took on the task of cleaning up and tracking litter that had washed up onto the beach during high tide using the Marine Debris Tracker app.  This team found a lot of plastic bottles, aluminum cans, and pieces of clothing that had been dumped into the San Joaquin river somewhere upstream.

Another team was responsible for watering and checking up on native plants that a team of volunteers had planted earlier in the week.  A lucky group of students got to plant some endangered Contra Costa Wallflower, and Antioch Earth Team interns were tasked with watering them and making sure they were in good condition.

The final team of interns continued working on removing invasive species throughout the Antioch Dunes, paying particular attention to tobacco trees, which tend to be challenging to remove completely.  Invasive removal is hard work, but the team always likes to get outside and make progress on removing large invasive plants! The hard work really pays off!

At the end of the day, the group took some time to enjoy and reflect upon nature, relaxing on the banks of the river. What a beautiful place to work!



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