Sunny Work Day at the Antioch Dunes

IMG_2498 (2)Students from Antioch Earth Team enjoyed the beautiful weather while doing restoration work at the Antioch Dunes National Wildlife Refuge. The team arrived at 10:00am and broke into groups to take on different tasks.

One group was responsible for identifying and removing tobacco trees from around the dunes.  The process involved using large pruning shears to remove branches from the trees and weed wrenches to get as much of the root out of the ground as possible.  The interns did an awesome job, but said that the work was very challenging!

Another group of students worked on the inner portion of the dunes removing grasses.  Luckily, this large land area isn’t too badly affected by invasive species as the primrose grows much better there than other species.  However, the students still removed large amounts of grasses from the area.

The third group worked around the boundaries of the dunes, removing larger shrubs and clearing bigger patches of invasive species.

Earth Team Antioch finished the day by reflecting on their work at a serene beach.  Looking out onto the water, the interns shared their favorite parts of the day as well as the most challenging parts, and also shared what they’re looking forward to.  The consensus is that the team is excited to return to the Antioch Dunes and spend more time on the beautiful waterfront site!

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