Antioch Earth Team Celebrates First Semester Success

IMG_2303Antioch High Earth Team wrapped up the year with a pot luck, taking time to celebrate the semester’s accomplishments and reflect on the fun we had!

The team of youth leaders shared their thoughts on the team dynamic, expressing excitement about how close our team grew over the semester.  As a group, a lot was learned about managing watersheds and collecting data, and the team is looking forward to a strong and exciting second semester full of fun outdoor restoration work.

Love and Happy Holidays from Antioch Earth Team!


Inside the Mind of a Watershed Steward

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This student blog reflects on the experiences of one intern who is helping to lead adaptive management practices at the Upper Sand Creek Basin throughout the first semester of her year long sustainable youth internship.


This semester we’re focusing on restoring our site, the Upper Sand Creek Basin. We’ve been visiting our site and collecting water samples, in order to run tests and see how healthy the water is. Also, we’ve looked for native species that have been planted previously to see how they’ve been holding up.

Personally, I enjoy doing the water testing through the kits instead of the probe, because it’s more hands on. The hands on experience allows us to go step by step while seeing the process happen before our eyes. Our site is out in the open and at first glance, you wouldn’t think there is anything wrong with it. However, knowing the issues within I’m glad I’m able to be part of the restoration process.

Going into Earth Team, I strongly believed we were just going to pick up trash around the school and in the community. Doing more than trash cleanup and helping the environment in other ways is a great feeling.

What I like about Earth Team is everyone is willing to lend a hand when needed. We all were strangers at one point, but through this program we were able to gain a bond while working together as team. If something were to change, I would say adding more members. I believe adding one to three more members, will allow more to get done in a given time.

For next semester, I’m hoping there’s more activities for restoration in our site. I’m looking forward to doing more water testing and hopefully soon my team and I are able to go hiking. Learning how to be in team isn’t just an important skill in itself, but with it comes with other skills such as patience and communication. In any job setting it’ll be highly important to have skills such as those. Year long projects, teaches us some things take longer than others, but it teaches us commitment and responsibility.

Through this first semester, I was able to gain experience while being in a team.