Interns Celebrate Earth Day At Keep Antioch Beautiful Event

EarthTeam Interns greeted community members at a booth in Contra Loma Park.

On Saturday the 23rd, Interns at Antioch High School hosted a community Eco Fair to celebrate Earth Day. Interns began the day by walking together around their school and neighborhood picking up litter on the sidewalks and streets. A significant amount of trash was collected – including large items such as a shopping cart and mattress. Next they traveled over to Contra Loma Regional Park, set up a EarthTeam booth, and engaged with community members with games to teach about properly sorting household waste products. The event activities in the park ended with a BBQ provided by Antioch High School Key Club.

“I’m so glad friends/families actually got up early in the morning, taking time out of their day to come help clean up the community around us. It make me so happy knowing I could actually make a big difference just by a simple litter pick, which is something I really love to do.” – Tatiana Mendez

“I think it’s important to engage in things like this that help to better the community. We were able to make it fun by playing music and racing to pick up the most trash (me and Cassie won by the way).” – MacKenzie O’Brien

“Overall it was a very successful day and we all felt proud of all the trash we picked up and how we together as a team.” – Jasmin Zermeno


Antioch Interns Host Academy Freshman at Adopted Site!

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“On the 22nd of March and the 4th of April me and some of my fellow EarthTeam interns went to the Antioch San Dunes National Preserve and led our Environmental Academy Freshmen in helping the environment. On the first day I led the invasive species removal team with Bree. The second day we all helped planting host plants for the Lange’s Metalmark Butterfly. The freshmen had reacted well and took our direction pretty much the entire time. they were interested in what I was saying. It was fun for me to lead the field trips. I guess I just like telling people what to do”- Amani Taylor

“On March 22nd some of the interns from EarthTeam went to the Antioch Dunes to help out with invasive species. The freshmen seemed to enjoy the help of the EarthTeam interns and they were interested in what we do as an internship. I felt really proud of myself for going on the field trip because my leadership and speaking skills that I learned in EarthTeam were finally used for a good cause and over all it was a great experience”- Jasmin Zermeno 

“Mackenize, ZuZu, Victoria, Tatiana, Amani, and I went to the Antioch Dunes on April 5th. We went to the Antioch Dunes to help and educate the freshmen on the endangered species that live there and planting the naked stem buckwheat. Each of us were placed in a group with other freshman to lead them in planting, clearing invasives, and litter pick up. The Freshman were very nice to us and most seemed to be having fun. Leading the field trip was a bit nerve wracking at first but it got easier as the day passed.”- Cassie Lanphere