2 Projects, 1 Campus!

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What do EarthTeam Interns do when they can’t decide on the best project for their campus? They choose two! This year our new interns at Antioch High School have decided to use both an educational and systematic shift on their campus to reduce the litter often seen at their school. Students will be doing a campus wide educational campaign to help their peers understand the effects of Marine Debris in our waterways. Students did not stop there though, they all agreed that they wanted to do more. After identifying “litter hot spots” on campus students will be placing recycle bins in those areas to help students recycle the bottles and paper often found as litter on their campus. Students will be assessing the litter hotspots on campus throughout the project in hopes to see a decrease in litter in their school from their presentations and bins. Good luck Antioch, we can’t wait to see what impacts you make in your community!


EarthTeam Interns Receive Naturalist Training at Dow Wetlands!

dow circle

This month EarthTeam students visited the Dow Wetlands to learn about the volunteer efforts at the site to preserve some of California’s last remaining wetlands. In addition to their usual litter pick up, EarthTeam students were lead on a nature walk to learn how to identify some of the more common plants and animals in the region. Here are some reflections from the interns themselves!


“Our last field outing was to the Dow Wetlands. ¬†We picked up 11 pounds of trash! Even though it was hard to pick up that much trash up because it was mostly little tiny wrappers of candy and things like that. We also had a great nature walk throughout the Dow Wetlands. One of our interns even shared out her knowledge on clouds! Over all, it was a really fun field outing and I really enjoyed it.”- Jasmin Zermeno

dow litter pick up

“Last Saturday we went to the Dow Wetlands. It was a good experience to see the wildlife, plants, etc. Picking up 11 pounds of trash was crazy because all we got was food wrappers and small pieces of plastic. It was also great to learn about the Dow Wetlands history. Over all it was really fun. “- Sorena Ang

dow reflection

“For our field outing we went to the Dow Wetlands. On our trip we did our litter pick up as usual and got a lot more food wrappers and candy wrappers since it was right after Halloween. We went on a long nature walk for the remaining time. Throughout the walk we had some stops to learn about the plants and things that lived at the wetlands.”- Tatiana Mendez