EarthTeam Interns Help Restore the Antioch Dunes!

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On Saturday, October 17th, Antioch High School students went on their second field outing to the Antioch Dunes. Students had the opportunity to work side by side with U.S. Fish & Wildlife Services staff Louis Terrazas. Below are some reflections from the interns themselves!

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“Our trip to the Antioch Dunes was really fun, we went to plant native species, removed invasive species, and pick up litter. I had nice time because we were on the beach and find some cool stuff. This trip was really beneficial to the Dunes because we planted homes for the butterflies, removed unnecessary species, and collected a lot of trash, trash that could’ve ended up in the ocean”- Kaila Daniels

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“On Saturday we went to the Antioch Dunes to help replant native species, remove invasive species, and pick up litter. This field trip was very fun because of the group I had. It felt very good to know I had helped save an endangered species. I learned that being a group leader in charge of friends is hard. We planted 32 native species, removed 50 x 50 square feet of invasive species, and picked up 100lb of trash”- Danielle Marin

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“On Saturday we went to the Antioch Dunes to pick up trash, take out invasive species, and plant naked stem buckwheat. It was fun because it was a good bonding experience and we did something the helps the dunes. It feels great to contribute to the dunes. I learned that taking out invasive species can be hard and that native species can also be invasive. We pick up a lot of trash bags full of trash and a tire! We removed 50 x 50 sq ft of invasive species, and planted 32 naked stem buckwheat”- Cassie Lanphere

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“Last Saturday Earth Team went to the Antioch Sand Dunes to clean up litter, remove invasive species and to plant naked stem buckwheat which is the host plant for the endemic endangered metalmark butterfly. I had a really good time bonding with my team and being outdoors on such a nice day. It rained a little too, yay! I love that we have the opportunity to go out and make a change in our environment”- MacKenzie O’Brien


Antioch Interns Complete Their Data Training!

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EarthTeam’s Antioch High interns have been working hard the past couple of weeks to complete their data training. Our interns have now been trained on how to collect data, compile data and analyze data collected from their campus all while having fun! We can’t wait to see how students will use their new skills to address marine debris in their communities!¬†Below are some pictures and intern’s reflections on the experience.


“Since joining EarthTeam I have learned so many new things one of the most valuable things I think I’ve learned however is how to work with other people in a very efficient way. I think this is very important especially when working in an environment like this one. Another thing I’ve learned is what type of trash is most common here, food wrappers! This wasn’t too suprising, however it helps be more aware of my actions.”- Danielle Marin

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“After school we’ve been learning different methods of trash clean-up and ways to prevent trash from going into our oceans. I have obtained many skills in the few weeks I’ve been on the EarthTeam internship such as collecting data, creating ideas and working as a group to make things that are helpful to the environment. I have learned that there is only a lot of litter in certain areas of campus. I feel that some people may feel uncomfortable or even distracted by the litter on campus because I know that is how I feel whenever I see litter around my school. I just want to stop what I’m doing and clean everything!”- Jasmin Zermeno

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“During the process of this internship we have learned several stages of marine debris. Also learning new methods on documenting what litter we have on campus. I’ve learned that my campus has odd cycles of cleanliness in certain areas of the school. I feel bad that the campus is dirty but it gives me the determination to help clean it up and make my school a cleaner place.”- Victoria Garcia