Coastal Clean Up Day: Antioch High EarthTeam Interns First Outing

Students vs. old tire

On Saturday, September 19th EarthTeam’s Antioch High interns participated in Coastal Clean Up Day. These first year interns came out to the Antioch Dunes, their adopted site for the school year, to pick up marine debris on the site and collect data on their findings. As a team the interns picked up 82 pounds worth of litter off of the site! Good work Antioch High!

Here are a few student’s reflections on the their first field outing:

Last Saturday, we went to the Antioch Sand Dunes in downtown Antioch. We participated in Coastal Clean Up Day with some people that work around the area. I had a lot of fun because of how well we worked as a team and got a lot done. I always enjoy going to the sand dunes and doing my part in preserving it.- Amani Taylor


We went to the Antioch Dunes to pick up trash and collect data. It was very fun to work together as a team. It felt really good to be a part of this event and I felt like I was really helping the environment for once. I learned that anyone can be a big help in keeping the environment clean. Our groups impact was that we all picked up over 60 pounds of trash.- Jasmin Zermeno


On Saturday the 19th EarthTeam along with myself went to the Antioch Dunes as part of the Coastal Clean Up Day. I, myself had a fantastic time learning about it’s past and the history about it. I felt very satisfying to know I contributed for a good cause. I learned that we were trying to protect the plants and vegetation in that area. I personally would love to do it again- Victoria Garcia


We went to the Antioch Dunes to go clean up and learn about the environment in that specific area. It was fun because we got to explore the outdoors and clean the environment. It felt good because I felt like I did something to help the environment. I learned about the sands, rivers, the endangered species, etc. The groups picked up trash and we all communicated really well- Sorena Ag